This is reference implementation of a repository that supplies suitable metadata to the portal.

Main features of this repository implementation is that it:

  • Scientist are authenticated by West-Life single-sign-on - authentication of users to this repository is made by public web service

  • it's possible to authorize or restrict access to users authenticated by West-Life SSO to gain access to this repository

  • supports Instruct ARIA workflow, facility reservation system, scheduling and managing visit to tackle experiment - Repository installation can obtain user's registered project and bind them to dataset.

  • Facility Staff are authenticated by repository itself by separated staff account management.


Installation can be made on physical server launching script - supported on RHEL 7 derivative. Tested on Scientific Linux 7 and Centos 7 systems. Further details at Installation Guide

Developer's Guide

There are described some non-standard integration steps with ARIA API,made in this implementation. Read further details at Developers-guide


  • 18.04 - Initial version was developed within work package WP6 by the West-Life H2020 project running from 2015 to 2018.

  • 18.11 - This release contains new features for metadata generation and view and some minor security updates.