Developer's guide

Get source codes directly from, or use option to install virtual machine from source codes described at Virtual Machines.

Source code structure

/vmcontext # helper configuration and scripts for virtual machines creation
/wp6-virtualfolder # source code for virtual folder
LICENSE # license # brieaf installation instructions # instruction to make release
Vagrantfile # vagrant configuration to prepare VM # bootstrap script, will install VF in clean VM

The source code of VF components in /wp6-virtualfolder are

/bootstrap # various bootstrap scripts for components
/conf-template # default templates for linux configuration files
/scipion # minor ammendments for scipion installation inside local VF VM
/scripts # bash scripts used by components of VF
/singlevre/api # static proxy of vre component in single user environment
/src/WP6Service2 # backend in C# (.NET and ServiceStack) of metadataservice
/www # frontend in HTML and Javascript (ECMAScript 6 and Aurelia)

Remove unwanted commits from git tree

Use it when accidental commit was done and to remove all sensitive files.