User's guide

The Virtual Folder is accessible from the West-life portal at‚Äč

After you click the Login page, you will be redirected to authentication service (ARIA operated by Instruct, or West-Life SSO). You can login or create a new account.

After succesful login, you'll be redirected to your account in Virtual Folder at.

User can navigate through Virtual Folder components by hovering the 'Virtual Folder' menu.

UI allows to do these basic tasks: 1. Settings allow you to connect to your scattered data (B2DROP, DROPBOX, any WEBDAV capable and FILESYSTEM (in local deployment) type is supported). 2. File manager is for browsing scattered data, check them. It allows basic visualization of text, image and PDB files 3. File picker is to choose a file and generate publicly accessible URL refering this file. It can be used to download the file or upload to the selected folder using WEBDAV protocol.